ADSD Spring Things Collab **UPDATED LINKS**

This kit is MUCH bigger than it looks!

Mags –
Mardesia —
Willow Grace Designs –
Blind Sight Designs –
Anne-Marie –
Shel –
Linda –
Lisa –
Lois AKA Ladye –
Melanie –
Crystal aka sAmazed
Jennifer –
Penny –
Digital Keepsakes –
JIC Creations –
Dawne –
by God’s design
Foxy –
Crystal –
Jody –
Lynn –
Laura –
Wendy & Sarah –
Wendy –
CandysTreasures –
Zena –
Bonnie –
Gail –
BlueVelvet DeZigns –
Aubrey’s Mom-
Jen –
TMA Designs by Lynn –
Beckmoore ~
ScrapperGirl Designs –
Liz –
Brandi White –
Morgaine Creations©
My Sweet Tater
Designs By Mel –
Lei –
Judith –
Donna –
Lacson –
Erika {aka PinkuPixie} –
Panda Bear Designs –
Catherine –


9 responses to “ADSD Spring Things Collab **UPDATED LINKS**

  1. Thank you for sharing this with us!! 🙂

  2. Thank you for sharing! This mega kit is so delightful.

  3. Awww- you are out of bandwidth. I would have liked to get your kit. This mega kit is great!

  4. Love your kit. Really like your wire flowers. Will try to come back when you get some bandwidth.

  5. Love your part of the kit but can’t download it. Box says there is not enough band width. Do I have to join to pick it up?

  6. Love what you’ve done – but can’t download — you are out of bandwidth :o(

  7. Hey Judith –
    Your ADSD Collab is not downloading anymore, and you’ve got a bunch of people who’d like to snag it (cuz’ it’s great!). Would you please upload it to another file-sharing service and post the new links?
    Thanks so much,
    Mags, ADSD Owner

  8. I would love to grab your section of the train but, I do not see a password.

  9. I also was trying to complete the train and I don’t see any password, but it asks for one to open links..

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