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RE: Just Another Live Laugh Love Freebie 1/18

There are a few people that are emailing me with problems with the last freebie I posted to my blog.  The .zip file should contain 3 different size previews, a website widget, a coupon, a TOU, and a .asl file.   The .asl file is a file specifically for Photoshop, if you do not use Phototshop then it will be useless to you, and you computer will not know what to do with it.

Today’s freebie, another set of PS Styles:



Just Another Contribution To Project 365 at Divine Digital

Today I uploaded a few of my contributions to Divine Digital’s new project, a monthly build a kit, with it’s own theme and palette.  This month’s theme is Ice Princess, the palette is gorgeous, and the prices are reasonable!  Build a kit for just $2 a piece!  Here are the products I contributed:



Have a request for something from this palette, just comment below, it may end up as a freebie!

Tomorrow is another one of my Download-a-Day days, so make sure you visit Divine Digital!

After some careful consideration, I have decided to take on at least one Creative Team member, this person would be responsible for creating at least two original layouts with one of my kits (available to them for free), and post them with credits in at least three separate galleries.  Right now, I feel one kit a month is all I need.  If you are interested in this opportunity, please email me .  Tell me where you usually post with a link, and who/what your biggest inspiration is.  I will make a final selection by Saturday, January 21st. Thank you for your interest.

Just Another Live Laugh Love Freebie

I was going to release this freebie on the same day as my next Download-a-Day installment, but decided, what the heck.  Enjoy!



Here is an assortment of the products I currently have at a discount:


Image Image

All my products, contain a money saving coupon to use towards future purchases!  The coupons are usually good for 3 months.  If you purchase a product with an out dated coupon, email me the expired coupon code, and I will send you my current coupon.  If you purchase more than one product and you can only use your coupon once, again, please email me, and I will make sure you get another coupon!

Request to Follow Blog!

Ok, so posted the first day of the second half of January’s Download of the Day at Divine Digital.  This is only I think the second time I am particapating, and for the second time in a row, my portion goes first…ugh…the stress… the pressure.

It is only compounded by the fact that I had to work through a really super bad cold, so bad, I had to go to the doctor to rule out the flu, and then I had to spend the week in the hospital while my eldest son under went seizure testing.  And, ugh, actually I had to make a visit traffic court in the midst of all this as well.  I was really unsure of the job I had done, until I got several pages of wonderful compliments!  Thank you all!!

Amongst the compliments was a request for a blog address, I assume so they could get sale and discount info (and of course, FREEBIES!!)

Well, here is my blog, and it is pitifully months behind, so I will get right on setting up coupons, freebies, and sales information.  Thank you, again!

Here is the preview for January 16:


And a BONUS Blog Freebie, as thanks for all the compliments and praise:



Also, be sure to check out my Christmas themed kits, only $1!

And, all “BONUS” products, such as Layout Templates, Clusters and Borders, and Bonus Papers are only $1!

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