Happy Digital Scrapbooking Day!! (and a Freebie)

As if everyday wasn’t a happy digital scrapbooking day!!!

Austin Memory Scrapper

Designs by Cathy Joe



Jen Smith Designs


Garden Girl Designs

Ella Designs

Designs by Amilyn

Grip Designs

Delicious Scraps

Diva Designz



Designs by Jeannieb

Scrapping Pinay Designs

ISKRAP Designs

Ms Jordan

Linda’s Dream Designs

Designs by Mel

Designs by Gina

The Gifted Goose

Lumi Digital Designs

—->>Just Another Scrap <<—-

My freebie

(Click image for download)


2 responses to “Happy Digital Scrapbooking Day!! (and a Freebie)

  1. The teddies are adorable but they are password locked. I know other designers have forgotten about the locks. I don’t know if that’s the case here or not. Might be a good idea to either provide the password, remove the lock or say “link expired”.

  2. Thank you for the teddies, they are so cute!

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